How to Teach Children to Read: 5 Steps to Try At Home

How to Teach Children to Read
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When Do Children Learn To Read?

As a former grade teacher, teaching kids to browse is one in every of my greatest passions! However as a result of most kids don’t begin indeed “reading” till around half-dozen years recent (which is upwards of the targeted age vary for my blog), I didn’t wish folks to feel pressured that their 3-year contemporary must begin reading (which, by the way, they don’t!). However, the knowledge shared below is general information that’s helpful for youngsters of all ages, whether or not your kid is prepared to read or not. Don’t implement all of those ways directly, nor must you expect your kid to be able to do everything at once. Learning to browse maybe a method and also the info below is just for you to implement after you feel your kid is prepared.  

Please conjointly acknowledge that though the suggestions below square measure tagged as “steps”, they’re not necessarily in consecutive order, nor square measure they so as of importance. The knowledge you’ll realize here is just a guide to assist you to see however each of the parts of reading match together!

1. Build Comfortable Word Cards Reception

Cut out easy cards and write a word containing three sounds on each (e.g. ram, cat, pig, top, sun, pot, fin). Invite your kid to decide on a card, then browse the word along and setback three fingers. Raise them to mention the original sound they hear within the word, then the second, so the third. This natural activity needs very little prep‑time and builds essential teaching reading and secret writing skills (helping them learn the way to sound out words). If your kid is beginning out with learning the letters of the alphabet, specialize in the sound every letter makes, additional therefore than letter names.

2. Browse Loud To Your Kid

Teaching your kid to browse is a method that begins at infancy. No, I’m most not at all advocating programs that claim to show your baby to browse victimization flashcards! What I’m encouraging you to try to do is to start reading together with your newborn among days of hospitable her home! Not solely is in progress reading time building a particular bonding time for the 2 of you, it instils in her a love for books. Enjoyment, whereas reading is one in every of the only most significant predictors of reading success in school-age kids. If kids don’t learn from an early age to relish reading, it’ll presumably hinder their ability someday down the road.

How much you browse to your kid is totally up to you and your family. However, I recommend you aim to browse a minimum of 3-4 books daily, even whereas your kid is incredibly young. As she gets a touch older and might sit for extended stretches of your time, build it a family goal to browse along for a minimum of 20-minutes day after day. Here square measure a couple of suggestions for the categories of books to navigate to your kid. However, by all means, that, browse no matter your kid responds to and enjoys!

  • Birth-1 Year: Lullabies, Board Books (with real pictures), artefact Books (with varied textures), Song Books
  • 1 Year-3 Years: riming Books, Song Books, Short-Story Board Books
  • 3 Years-5 Years: Alphabet Books, Song Books, image Books, riming Books

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3. Interact Your Kid In a Very Print-Rich Surroundings

Create daily opportunities to make your child’s reading skills by making a print‑rich surroundings reception. Seeing written words (on posters, charts, books, labels, etc.) allows kids to visualize and apply connections between sounds and letter symbols. Once you are out and regarding, entails letters on posters, billboards and signs. In time you’ll model sounding out the letters to form words. Specialize in the first letter in words. raise your kid “What sound is that letter?” “What alternative word starts in addition to that sound?” “What word rhymes in addition to that word?”

4. Harness The Facility of Technology to Stay Your Kid Engaged

Learning to browse ought to be a pleasing method to stay children driven to enhance. Typically a baby may well be jam-packed with excitement and enthusiasm to find out at the start; however, once they hit a wall will feel overcome and provides up. As a parent, it will feel not possible to choose up once more and apprehend wherever to fill in any gaps which will be inflicting frustration.

ABC Reading Eggs uses self‑paced lessons that match every individual child’s ability. Kids square measure often rewarded for finishing activities and reaching new levels, that keeps them driven to remain on target. Folks may read instant progress reports to visualize; however, a child’s skills square measure rising.

5. Be patient; The Simplest Thanks to Teach Children To Browse Is To Form It Fun!

Every kid learns at his or her own pace, therefore continually bear in mind the only most significant factor you’ll do is to form it pleasant. By reading often, mix things up with the activities you decide on, and property your kid spot their books often, you will introduce an early love of reading and provides them with the simplest likelihood at reading success in no time.

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